NELC BA Seminar 2018-19


The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations BA Paper Seminar (NELC 29800) is designed to help you complete the BA thesis project. The Department provides several points of support for you so that, no matter what your experience writing thesis-length papers, you will have ready access to the resources and help you need.

From the NELC website:

Students are required to register for the BA Paper Seminar (NEHC 29800) in Autumn Quarter of their fourth year on a P/F basis. The BA Paper Seminar is a workshop course designed to survey the fields represented by NELC and to assist students in researching and writing their B.A. papers. The course is run by a BA preceptor, typically an advanced PhD student in NELC. Preceptors work closely with students and their faculty advisers to assist in all aspects of conceiving, researching, and writing the paper. A passing grade (P) for the BA seminar depends on full attendance and participation throughout the quarter.

Registering for NELC29800: NELC BA Paper Seminar

1. Request consent from Director of Undergraduate Studies to attend the NELC BA Paper Seminar (NEHC 29800). Details of the Instructor Consent Form can be found on the Registrar website. Instructions for requesting the Consent Form can be found here.

2. You should have received a Reading and Research form from your College adviser (the one with pink and yellow carbon copies). This form needs to be completed, signed by your BA Paper adviser (i.e., the NELC Faculty you’ll be working with for your Paper) and Prof. Hervé Reculeau, NELC Director of Undergraduate Studies.

3. Please note that both actions need to be done by Friday, October 19 at the latest. Please visit Prof. Reculeau (OI 318) as soon as possible if you haven’t submitted your form for signature yet.

NELC Rules and Regulations

When in doubt, consult the NELC Rules and Regulations webpage. Here you will find details about what the Department requires of you as you work toward completion of your BA.


2018 Autumn Quarter:

Formulate your research statement; complete an annotated bibliography; complete a thorough outline

Weeks 1-2: Meet with your BA Thesis Advisor to discuss research statement and design

Week 3: Meet with Director of Undergraduate Studies, NELC Preceptors, and other Fourth-Year BA thesis writers on Monday, 15 October; submit your research statement to your Preceptor by Friday, 19 October.

Weeks 3-5: Discuss the Middle East Collection at the Regenstein with Marlis Saleh on Monday, 22 October at 4:30 p.m. in Room A11. Meet one-on-one with your Preceptor before Friday, 26 October.

Week 5: Complete a draft Bibliography and submit to your advisor for review on or before Monday, 29 October.

Weeks 5-7: Meet with your BA Thesis Advisor to discuss your bibliography and resources for your project; review your progress and plans with your Preceptor before Friday, 16 November.

Week 8: Submit completed Bibliography with annotations to your BA Thesis Advisor and your Preceptor on Monday 19 November; Seminar meets to discuss Outline Tuesday, 20 November, 4:30-5:20 p.m.

End of Quarter: Submit thorough Outline of your paper by Friday, 14 December.

2019 Winter Quarter: 

Write your paper; review drafts with your Preceptor and BA Thesis Advisor; present your project at the NELC Undergraduate Research Symposium

2019 Spring Quarter:

Review final drafts with Preceptor and BA Thesis Advisor; submit completed thesis paper Monday of 3rd Week

NELC Preceptor

The NELC Preceptors are here to help you with any aspect of your BA Thesis writing process. You will meet at least twice with your Preceptor each quarter in Autumn and Winter, but you are encouraged to request meetings whenever you’d like help, assistance, or advice.

NELC BA Thesis Advisor

Your BA Thesis Advisor is the most important source for you in this process and the final authority on your BA thesis project. In addition to guiding you through processing your research plan, helping you construct your paper, and reviewing your drafts, they will read and evaluate your completed paper. If they choose, they can recommend your paper to the Division of Humanities for honors. If anything your BA Thesis Advisor asks you to do conflicts with the expectations set out by the the Department, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, or your Preceptor, let us know so that we can adjust to meet your Advisor’s requirements.

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